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The Benefits of Barefoot Running And Walking Barefoot

Barefoot running may sound crazy, but we walked and ran barefoot for over two million years.  In fact, until relatively recently. In many warm climate countries, people still do. And like everything else that increases our contact with nature, walking barefoot greatly improves our health.

Barefoot Running: Let your feet breathe


Except when we sleep, our feet are constantly confined into some kind of footware. As a result, many of the muscles atrophy over time, because the body works on the “use-it-or-lose-it” principle.

When your bare feet touch the ground, nerve endings in the feet are reawakened and your relexology points are activated.  We all used to love walking barefoot when we were kids. Somehow, instinctively, the body knows what’s good for it.

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The Benefits of Barefoot Running and Walking Barefoot


barefoot running

Barefoot running may take time getting used to, but it’s worth trying. These are some of the benefits:

  1. Greater balance


The biggest difference between running barefoot and running in shoes is in how the foot strikes the ground. By feeling the ground with your bare feet, the balance system of the brain becomes stimulated which leads to greater balance.


  1. Reflexology points are activated

Reflexology is the process of stimulating nerves on the bottom of the feet to stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and tension, and to stimulate many other healing processes in the body.


  1. The Earthing process is activated

Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth


  1. Greater strength.

​By going barefoot one begins to wake up new muscles, both for balance and support. Super-models have to walk barefoot at the beach in order to tone ALL of their leg muscles.

  1. Feet heal

As the feet strengthen, many foot-related problems such as bunions and foot neuroma go away. Even arthritis slowly recedes as feet develop greater strength and flexibility.

  1. Greater circulation

barefoot running

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Going barefoot not only wakes up long-dormant muscles of the feet and legs, but increases blood circulation, wihch means less aches and pains, less varicose veins, and warmer feet and legs in the winter.


  1. Better posture

With practice we can learn to improve our posture. Not only do we look better and get taller, but we greatly reduce all of the stress and strain on our bodies.


  1. Decreased blood pressure.

​Studies show that by stimulating the nerve endings on the bottom of the feet, we can decrease blood pressure and reduce stress.

  1. Reduced inflammation

Going barefoot can also reduce inflammation which is the number one cause of many 21st century diseases – allergies, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Autism, cancer,  lupus, MS, etc.

One possible solution may be to use earthing to reduce inflammation by walking, standing or even sitting barefoot on the ground.

Free radicals carry a positive charge. For a body to heal, you have to get rid of them. The earth naturally carries a huge negative charge, so direct contact with the ground allows us to discharge free radicals and start the healing process.