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How Sleeping in a Hammock Can Reduce Back Pain and Improve Sleep

The first written record of the use of the hammock appears around 450 BC, but they were most likely used in the tropics since prehistoric times.

While more and more people are swapping beds for hammocks mainly for health reasons, ancient peoples probably used them for practical reasons: material was readily available, nets kept them safe from venomous spiders and snakes, and they were easy and quick to set up and pack up

Choosing The Right Hammock

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Which one you’ll use depends on where you intend to sleep, what the weather is like and what facilities are available,  and if there are trees to hang your hammock on.  However, the best on Hammock on the Market by far is the Wise Owls Outfitters Camping Hammock.

Hammock Pros


  • Quick setup. Both set up and take down is quick and simple.

  • Comfortable. Extremely comfortable, especially for those with back problems.

  • Terrain. You don’t need a perfectly flat ground and can pitch over rocks and stumps.

  • Packing size. They are small and lightweight.

Hammock Cons


  • Can take only one person (there are double hammocks, but they are not very practical for sleeping because it’s impossible to turn or get out of it without waking your partner).

  • Weather. In areas where sand storms are likely, or in very cold or rainy weather hammocks are unpractical.

  • Need trees/rocks. Sometimes these are just not available.

  • Temperature. Because air circulates below, you may get cold at night.

  • Insects can be a problem.

  • If you are camping with other people, there is no privacy for changing clothes.

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Benefits of sleeping in a hammock



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Just like camping is gaining in popularity, so is the use of hammocks.

These are just some of the benefits of using hammocks instead of beds:

  1. You will fall asleep faster

    Lying in a hammock has a natural rhythm which promotes relaxation. The swinging effect of a hammock provides the same kind of brain waves in adults that makes babies fall so quickly into a deep sleep.

  2. Your sleep will be deeper

    Sleeping in a hammock guarantees deep sleep. This is important not only because this is the healthiest kind of sleep, but because during deep sleep our immune system regenerates faster.

  3. Reduced back pain

    Most people who have tried sleeping in a hammock claim it helped with back pain. This makes sense because of zero pressure points.

  4. Improved hygiene

    Those who use a hammock instead of mattress, no longer worry about dust mites.

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Hammock Accessories



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Due to their size and weight, hammocks are ideal for backpackers. Combined with TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack that allows the wearer to drink hands-free, you’re in for an unforgettable outdoor experience, be it hiking, climbing or cycling.

Multiple Uses


Hammocks, single or double, come in variety of shapes, sizes and models: Mayan, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Rope, Fabric, Baby, Camping, Hiking, Jungle, etc. As long as you choose them for the purpose you intend to use them for and set them up properly, you will enjoy them. Whether you decide to set them up indoors or outdoors, or whether you are a camper or just enjoy relaxing by the pool, hammocks are healthy, practical and will take relaxation to a whole new level.


Camping Essentials

Five Camping Essentials You Don’t Want to be Without

There is an endless list of things you might want to take on a camping trip, but what you will actually take, largely depends on where you are going, how you plan to get there and how long you intend to be camping.

Backpacking vs RV


If you are going RV camping, you can take almost anything you think you might need – extra clothes, books and magazines, camera, extra batteries, spare boots, toys for children, etc.

But, assuming you are going backpacking and have to carry all you possessions, including food, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, first aid, and other essentials on your back, you have to be selective when packing.

5 Camping Essentials Every Back Packer Needs


Camping Essentials


Assuming you are camping on your own, in an area without any facilities (shops, telephone, hospital, roads, etc), the following list of five camping essentials is what you need to select carefully:


are the most essential piece of camping gear. For camping in the mountains, even in summer, they are a must, because there’s always the possibility of rain or even unexpected snow storm. Not to mention the mosquito. Find a tent that fits your needs and budget. The most important thing is that it keeps your dry, that it’s light and is easy to set up.

Sleeping bag 

Regardless on where you usually camp (local family camp ground or Alaskan wilderness) you will choose a sleeping bag based on how warm and how light it is. To make your sleep more comfortable, it would be good if you could also squeeze a foam pad or an air mat in your backpack. You can also use a Hammock/Sleeping bag combo. Hammocks are great because they keep you off the forest floor away from insects, bugs, snakes, etc.

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is always useful on a camping trip, but is an absolute necessity if you are camping in the wilderness. Besides making it easier to move around the camp after dark, it can be used for signaling. Size and weight are important, as is the battery life.

Water bottle 

Dehydration is a common problem during hiking and camping in the wilderness, because you have to carry all the water you will need for that day, and you have to remember to drink it from time to time. Water from rivers and streams in the wild may look fresh and healthy, but it could be full of bacteria and parasites, so it’s best not to take chances. Currently, the safest type of water bottle is made of Miron Glass.

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Modern backpacker has a great variety of nutritious, dehydrated, prepacked or tinned food to choose from. Better yet, bring a fishing rod with you so that you can eat from the land. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with the edible plants and mushrooms around you.

Be Prepared


Camping Essentials

How successful or enjoyable your camping trip will be, depends on many things, such as weather, company, how prepared you are, etc.  But what can definitely ruin even the best planned trip, is the unsuitable gear, so make sure you test all your equipment beforehand. Remember to take only the essentials and to leave work behind.