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The Top Five Best Places to Camp in The United States

In countries like the US where there are big open spaces across the land, camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities.

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, you can do beach camping, mountain camping, wilderness camping, urban camping, canoe camping, RV camping, backpacking, etc. The good news is that camping, as well as other outdoor recreational activities, is gaining in popularity. This is partly because it’s an opportunity to escape the grind, and partly because you can mix camping and sports activities.

It seems that the more we are separated from nature through technology, the more we long to reconnect with it. Camping is an ideal way to switch off and unwind, be physically active and spring-clean your lungs.

With 58 national parks and over 10,000 vehicle accessible public campgrounds, it’s easy to find the right camping location. With so many places to choose from, whether you’re an adventurer or have a young family, you can easily find a campground which offers facilities you need.

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Top Five Best Places To Camp


This is a list of five best places to camp in the US for the more adventurous:

  • Arches National Park, Utah


Suitable for those seeking adventure and enjoying a challenge. Called a Red Rock Wonderland because of the thousands of massive natural stone arches and huge red rocks that litter the ground. This is not a place for the inexperienced, because it’s easy to get lost.


  • Olympic National Park, Washington


Amazing place for any outdoor enthusiast. This park has three completely different ecosystems, including a rain forest. You can hike or watch whales migrate when the season is right. However, it can be very dangerous for single campers


  • Glacier National Park, Montana


There are about 700 miles of hiking trails and hundreds of back country places hidden among the receded glaciers. Multi-day rafting trips can be arranged. Always be prepared for freezing temperatures and encounter with wildlife. Unattended pets and children will attract a mountain lion. Beautiful, dangerous, exciting


  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado


Rock climbers’ heaven, but not easily accessible. Breathtakingly beautiful, isolated and very challenging. Plenty of bears, so make sure to secure your food in bear-proof storage lockers and clean up your site after eating.

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  • Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska


A really wild place, potentially dangerous for the inexperienced. The glacier can be hiked and rafting is highly encouraged. Good place to practice survival skills, as trails are generally unmarked. Food must NEVER be left unattended even for a short while and needs to be stored in bear-resistant containers. All campers are required to attend a camper orientation.


The Benefits of Camping

Spending time in nature is not only good for our physical health, it also offers opportunity to, at least temporarily, still our thoughts and spend some time far away from the noise, pollution and crowds. Opportunity to reflect and maybe look at our life, or problems, from a different angle. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to find a solution for something that’s been bothering you for a while.


Camping Essentials

Five Camping Essentials You Don’t Want to be Without

There is an endless list of things you might want to take on a camping trip, but what you will actually take, largely depends on where you are going, how you plan to get there and how long you intend to be camping.

Backpacking vs RV


If you are going RV camping, you can take almost anything you think you might need – extra clothes, books and magazines, camera, extra batteries, spare boots, toys for children, etc.

But, assuming you are going backpacking and have to carry all you possessions, including food, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, first aid, and other essentials on your back, you have to be selective when packing.

5 Camping Essentials Every Back Packer Needs


Camping Essentials


Assuming you are camping on your own, in an area without any facilities (shops, telephone, hospital, roads, etc), the following list of five camping essentials is what you need to select carefully:


are the most essential piece of camping gear. For camping in the mountains, even in summer, they are a must, because there’s always the possibility of rain or even unexpected snow storm. Not to mention the mosquito. Find a tent that fits your needs and budget. The most important thing is that it keeps your dry, that it’s light and is easy to set up.

Sleeping bag 

Regardless on where you usually camp (local family camp ground or Alaskan wilderness) you will choose a sleeping bag based on how warm and how light it is. To make your sleep more comfortable, it would be good if you could also squeeze a foam pad or an air mat in your backpack. You can also use a Hammock/Sleeping bag combo. Hammocks are great because they keep you off the forest floor away from insects, bugs, snakes, etc.

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is always useful on a camping trip, but is an absolute necessity if you are camping in the wilderness. Besides making it easier to move around the camp after dark, it can be used for signaling. Size and weight are important, as is the battery life.

Water bottle 

Dehydration is a common problem during hiking and camping in the wilderness, because you have to carry all the water you will need for that day, and you have to remember to drink it from time to time. Water from rivers and streams in the wild may look fresh and healthy, but it could be full of bacteria and parasites, so it’s best not to take chances. Currently, the safest type of water bottle is made of Miron Glass.

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Modern backpacker has a great variety of nutritious, dehydrated, prepacked or tinned food to choose from. Better yet, bring a fishing rod with you so that you can eat from the land. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with the edible plants and mushrooms around you.

Be Prepared


Camping Essentials

How successful or enjoyable your camping trip will be, depends on many things, such as weather, company, how prepared you are, etc.  But what can definitely ruin even the best planned trip, is the unsuitable gear, so make sure you test all your equipment beforehand. Remember to take only the essentials and to leave work behind.