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Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers Shoe Review

Just like the paleo diet will give your digestive system a break by nourishing it with food you were genetically predisposed to thrive on, Vibram five fingers shoe will do the same for your feet.

We walked barefoot for more than two million years and we thrived and developed. Then we started wearing high heels, tight shoes which cramp our toes and running shoes with thick cushioning, and we started developing flat feet and various joint problems.

The bottom line is we evolved without shoes which means our feet are designed to be used without shoes.

These Vibram Five Finger Shoes Help With Your Posture and Give The Feel of Bare Feet!

Practical approach to the Paleo lifestyle

vibram five fingersFive finger shoes look like gloves for the feet, and they feel like gloves. They fit snugly around the foot, giving you a feeling of being barefoot, yet protecting your feet from sharp objects.

The problem with shoes, especially high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes, is that they affect our natural gait and put pressure on the ankle, knee and hip joints. Over time, this can cause back muscle imbalances and weird body posture, which explains why so many people have flat arches, knee pain, back pain, hip pain and other degenerative joint diseases.

Besides, those who have been wearing five finger shoes for couple of months notice that their toes are beginning to be a little more spread apart. Look at your feet, or at the feet of women wearing narrow shoes and you will notice how deformed their feet look, all the toes being jammed up against one another. Vibram five finger shoes will give your toes more “breathing space”.

Don’t be surprised if after wearing five finger shoes for some time, you start feeling very uncomfortable in normal shoes. You body is letting you know what it enjoy more.

Benefits of Vibram Five Finger Shoes


Vibram Five Fingers

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The idea behind the five finger shoes is to try and mimic the effects of going barefoot, which we know has many advantages:

  • Your toes, whose actual purpose is to cling to things and to get extra grip on the ground, have an opportunity to do just that.

  • Running barefoot, or in five finger shoes, you run more on the balls of your feet and less on the heals, and by doing this you put less pressure on your joints. At the same time, you are building more muscle in the legs

    vibram five fingers

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  • Your feet no longer feel heavy even if you’ve been on your feet for many hours.

  • You feel more sure-footed

  • Your posture improves, because you are using the muscles you should be using, and avoiding unnecessary pressure on hip and knee joints.

  • You feel more in touch with nature because you can feel underfoot. You actually notice a difference between standing on grass, sand, pavement or wood. You become more observant by noticing the world around you, even through your feet.

The whole idea of the paleo movement is to go natural. And you can’t go more natural than eating paleo and going barefoot.