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Chris John here…

After living a life totally devoid of nature and unaware of my ecological environment around me, I knew something had to change.  I felt a deep calling to leave the world of superficial man made comforts and return to a more natural way of living.  It was at this point that I truly felt free.  I cut out almost all my expenses and began living a minimalist lifestyle.  As a result, I was rewarded with extreme peace and no longer felt the “synthetic” pressures modern day living forces on us…

I created this blog to inform as many people as possible of the “paleo lifestyle.”  I want to show people that everything we need is already provided to us by nature.  The Modern world is unnatural and depressing.  It sucks the life out of your “true self” and leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled.  The paleo lifestyle is about returning as much as possible to our real home (nature), while still living in the modern world.

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